Flawless Skin for Less Than $10


This has the word “magic” in the title because it is.   As far as BB creams go this is my go to!  It really does do what it claims.  Most people can use one of its three colors because it literally goes on white and turns to match your skin tone as you apply! No joke!  It’s cheap too!

Only problem: there is NO sunscreen, so apply your own first!

Try it and watch your skin turn flawless like MAGIC!

P.S. – It stays put too – yay!

From the Manufacturer: “A Flawless, Bare Skin Finish for More Beautiful Skin

BB Cream is a must-have in your beauty regimen and should be the final step before applying your makeup. Once you’ve removed the dead skin cells and done your cleaning diligence, hydrate the fresh skin layer with a moisturizer to help boost your skin’s natural regeneration process. Then, apply a multitasking formula like the Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream to add moisture, correct and even your skin tone at once.”

One thought on “Flawless Skin for Less Than $10

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