Corus Fitness – Serious Workout for Your Abs

If you are looking to strengthen your abs, inner thighs and butt, then Corus Fitness is the place for you.  Corus is a modern version of pilates on a megaformer.  I personally have tried all types of exercise and can truly say this is one of the hardest.  You use muscles that you do not know you have, you gain strength and flexibility, and last but not least your core gets a serious challenge with every move you do.  Since there’s always tension on the reformer, seemingly easy moves, are crazy difficult.


Reformers at Corus Fitness
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 What’s so great about Corus? First of all, it’s in a cool space and they play rocking music.  Second, it has state of the art equipment.  Corus uses the Lagree method. It is the first of its kind in NorthEast, Ohio.  Seriously, I bet you try it and love it.  Be prepared to be sore!


I love it and plan to continue.  I have been there a lot and its a great challenge every time. I recommend the unlimited class pack for $149 for the first month.  It saves a lot and will give you a good idea of how Corus can transform your body.  – Ashlee

It’s a great class – high intensity, low cardio – you’ll work muscles you don’t even think about.  From someone who works out regularly, I couldn’t believe that my stomach and inner thigh muscles could be so sore! – Libby

Check out the videos below.  Remember that there is tension on the megaformers so these seemingly easy moves are really tough.

Those of you in other cities reading our blog, Google your city and “Lagree” for a studio close to you!

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One thought on “Corus Fitness – Serious Workout for Your Abs

  1. Oh my goodness! Is that like solidcore or pilates proworks! I have tried both! Loved Pilates Proworks but Soildcore was too much for me!


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