Tired of Feeling Old and Fat? Pick Up Those Weights…


weight scale from freeimages.com

If you think you are the only one watching the scale tick higher and your arms get flabbier each year, rest assure – you are not alone.  According to Donna Bennett, a Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Donna Bennett Training, “As we become less active, our metabolism slows down. We lose between 3 – 8% of muscle mass a decade and our percent of body fat increases. Over time our hormones change, we lose bone density and are at risk for osteoporosis. Plus, as we age, our balance and coordination diminish putting us at risk for injury and losing our independence.”

So, now you are probably thinking – great, thanks for the pick me up this morning Nearly All Things! Well, we are here to tell you that there is a bright side – we can do something about this!  We can become or stay strong, burn more calories, all while building healthy bones. Wondering how? Pick up those weights girls!

Woman lifting weights

Donna explains, “Strength training preserves muscle mass, controls weight by increasing lean body mass and burns more calories efficiently which can result in weight loss. According to the University of Mexico it can even increase one’s resting metabolism by 7%.” Which means you continue to burn calories even after you finish your workout – bonus!

“Weight training gets more calorie torching ‘bang for your buck’.  It creates an after burn affect that allows the body to continue to burn more calories at rest. This effect is called EPOC – Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It can take the body anywhere from 15 minutes up to 48 hours (University of New Mexico) to return to it’s normal resting state.” – Donna.

So, if you are interested in burning more calories, maintaining strength, and slowing bone deterioration, you should grab a dumbbell, swing a kettlebell, or use your own body weight to perform exercises to increase your strength. And if all of this sounds intimidating – then we recommend signing up for a group class. It’s a great way to meet new people and improve your strength.  Get going – your future health and well-being depend on it!

Donna Bennett is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT), CFSC & IYCA High School SCS certified, Certified Tactical Fitness Trainer (START Fitness), FMS certified and USAW Weightlifting certified.  Her philosophy of Train for Life is evident in her free and fixed circuit style training that focuses on progression, variety and precision all in a safe, supportive and fun environment. When Donna is not training, she is busy being a mother to three boys and coaching soccer.  Click Here for more information on Donna Bennett Training classes.


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