“I Workout to Burn Off the Crazy”

"I workout to burn off the crazy" tank top

After a long holiday with little exercise, I threw on this tank because not only is it pretty funny, but it was totally appropriate to my mood before I worked out!  Even my family will vouch for the fact that I am a much nicer person when I exercise.

It’s not just me though, it’s true for all of us.  According to Dr. Shawna Charles in her article “5 Mental Benefits of Exercise”:

Most of us know the many physical benefits of exercise: weight control, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes, and increased energy, just to name a few. But what about the psychological benefits of exercise? From easing symptoms of depression and anxiety to keeping your memory sharp, there’s no shortage of mental benefits of exercise.

According to Dr. Charles, who holds a PhD in Psychology from Walden University,  the five psychological benefits are:

  • help for depression and anxiety
  • decreased stress
  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • better sleep
  • brain boost

According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), in their article “Exercise for Stress and Anxiety”,  “It takes about five minutes of aerobic exercise to begin stimulating anti-anxiety effects…One vigorous exercise session can help alleviate symptoms for hours, and a regular schedule may significantly reduce them over time.”

So, don’t just take my tank top’s word for it.  Get out there and move.  ‘Cause it will help burn off your crazy too 😉

I Workout to Burn Off the Crazy Tank
Panoware Women’s Workout Racerback Tank | I Workout To Burn Off The Crazy, Vintage Black

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