Two Cheap Starbucks Drinks that are Lo-Cal and Delish!

Cheap Starbucks drink

Have you ever gone shopping and the store is blasting the AC and it’s cold outside???  Come on that sucks right?  Yesterday that happened to me.  So as I’m checking out, I saw that magical Starbucks staring at me, calling me to come to it for a hot drink!  Since I already had my coffee/caffeine for the day, I thought I’d try something new! Here ya go:

Decaf americano tall

Americano Coffee
Steamed half & half
1 pump of sugar free mocha
Sprinkle of some cinnamon


2 plus dollars later, a delicious drink appeared that tasted like a cinnamon hot chocolate.  It warmed me right up and made me feel happy that I had come up with this cheap, little mixture of goodness!

Thought I would share this with you all in case you’re ever freezing your ass off while shopping!  What’s up with that anyway??

And, since we’re having an Indian Summer in the Midwest, here’s a cheap, cold, lo-cal Starbucks drink that is just as awesome:

Cold Brew Chocolate Awesomeness on Ice

Cold Brew
Heavy Cream
Pump of Mocha


Image of Ashlee with Cheap, Lo-cal Starbucks Drink

Try it and let us know what you think. And, while we’re at it, please share your fun Starbucks drinks with us so we can try something new too!

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