Bloody Skull Martini – A Halloween Cocktail

Make something festive for your next Halloween Party!  Or, just serve yourself a festive drink this week 🙂  Our Bloody Skull Martini is sure to get you in the spirit.  Both liqueurs shown below are made right here in OH!

Bloody Skull Martini

2 oz- OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka
1 oz- Buckeye Distillery Blackberry Liqueur
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
(Add a splash of simple syrup if you want it sweeter)
Oyo vodka, Blackberry Liquer, Ice skull
Place all of the ingredients in a martini shaker with ice, shake and pour into your favorite glass.  For an extra touch we added these killer skull ice cubes (from the Dollar Store).  See below for other available options for skull ice!
Skull Ice Molds
$10 – Get it Friday – Click the Image to buy!
$22 – Get it Friday – Click the Image to buy!
I happen to love skulls.  I recommend throwing them into your guests drink anytime of the year and watch how cool you instantly become!
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