Relax this Thanksgiving with a Coconut Ginger Fizz

Take a break this Thanksgiving holiday and treat yourself to a Coconut Ginger Fizz, a Nearly All Things original! (At least the way we make it 🙂 ).

Coconut Ginger Fizz

Coconut Ginger Fizz Ingredients:
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Bai Andes Coconut Lime 
– Lime slice
– Jalapeño (if you want a little kick)
– Ice
– 1 – 2 oz Vodka (Go crazy and use a coconut flavored vodka if you really love the coconut flavor)

Muddle your lime in the bottom of a glass with the jalapeño if you want a little kick.  Fill the glass with ice.  Add 1-2 oz of vodka.  Add Bai Andes Lime-Coconut and your favorite ginger beer.  We picked Bundaberg Ginger Beer which added a really nice natural ginger flavor to the drink. You might have to play with the Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Bai Coconut Lime amounts based on your preference of ginger and coconut.  We were really happy with the end result!

This Coconut Ginger Fizz was inspired by the samples of Bundaberg Ginger Beer that we received in the mail (thank you Bundaberg!).  We’re glad they sent the samples, because we hadn’t tried Bundaberg Ginger Beer before and it had such a nice, fresh taste – probably because it’s made with real ginger grown locally in Australia and is craft brewed over three days – so  delicious!   And no, we are not getting money to say that 🙂

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