Five Steps to Curing Your Post Holiday Party Hangover

Even though you told yourself you wouldn’t, you over-indulged in last night’s holiday party festivities.  While we can’t take away that embarrassing conversation you may have had last night, we can help you feel better today.  Follow these five steps and go out and enjoy the rest of your day!

Step One: 

Child's Pose
Get into child’s pose.  Click on the image above for directions from on  how to do this pose properly.  Child’s pose calms the mind and balances the endocrine system, it also relieves stress on your neck and back.  According to this pose “also gently compresses your abdomen to stimulate peristalsis (contracting your abdomen to push contents forward) and enhances the circulation of lymph, one of your body’s main methods for removing metabolic waste products. ”

Step Two:

If you wake up hungry.  Don’t eat junk food.  We know, that’s what everyone tells us will help, right?  Well according to “they” have been wrong this whole time.  Eating greasy foods after a night out increases the amount of galanin in our brains which encourages you to eat fatty foods more often and creates a vicious cycle – hello weight gain over the holidays!  So, instead eat an egg and avocado with toast.  Or  better yet, try the bacon avocado egg bomb (with turkey bacon) that we posted about earlier this summer.

Step Three:

Have an upset stomach?  Drink unsweetened ginger tea.  Ginger is a traditional anti-nausea remedy which works amazingly well with hangovers. According to ginger contains “active phenol compounds like gingerols and shogaols that stimulate gastric contractions, which puts your tummy at ease”.

Step Four:Mio
Drink tons of water – but we recommend adding Mio.  It has electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to help hydrate and replace what you lost with your booze.  Plus, if you’re not crazy about water – it will add a nice flavor!

Step Five:
Don’t forget about the Zaca patch – we highly recommend it!  Read our earlier post for more info on Zaca. 

Feel better people!  The holidays have just begun 🙂

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