6 Reasons You Should Try Pilates Now

We recently visited Club Pilates in Chagrin Falls to see what all the rage was about. What we found is that if you are looking for a workout to improve your strength, flexibility, concentration, and is gentle to your joints – pilates might be the right workout for you.

Here are 6 reasons you should try pilates now:

  1. Improve Core Strength:  You will increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body).
  2. Improve Posture. Pilates helps you to enhance muscular control of your back and limbs and improve stabilization of your spine.
  3. Improve flexibility.  The movements in pilates will help you improve flexibility.  “Being flexible and having full joint mobility can have several beneficial implications on quality of life, including: reducing day-to-day pain and increasing vascular health” states Jimmy Haley at the Center for Fitness and Wellness at Penn State.  “Tight muscles do not allow joints to reach the full extent of their range of motion, which can lead to pain and injury.”
  4. Prevent Injuries & safely rehabilitate.  Pilates not only helps flexibility, but it also helps to balance your muscular strength on both sides of your body which helps to prevent injuries.  Many injuries result from overuse.  Pilates helps to prevent these injuries and helps you to safely rehabilitate if you already suffer from musculoskeletal pain.
  5. Improve physical coordination and balance. The movements in pilates work on your coordination and balance.  Pilates can help you relax your shoulders, neck and upper back. Who doesn’t want that?
  6. Improve concentration.  While you will increase your lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing, you will also improve your concentration.  Pilates is great for increasing your body awareness, while helping you relax and manage stress.

With that being said, it sounds like we should all be trying to incorporate a few pilates classes where we can.

 I was very happy with my experience in this Pilates studio in general – I was also very impressed with Pilates as an exercise modality. I can truly see why people enjoy it so much!  Leaving there I felt tighter in my core, longer in my length and had an interesting sense of calm. I did a cardio pilates class that they offered and I really did feel my heart rate go up. I mean have you ever jumped while being able to lay down? Kinda fun!I am excited to try some of their other types of classes. – Ashlee

Club Pilates of Chagrin studio is offering a great deal for the month of April. You get to try 3 classes in one week for $49. Click on the image above to redirect to their site.

Also at Club Pilates they have a training program for those interested in becoming an instructor. Visit their website for details on teacher-training.

Give us some feedback on your pilates experiences. Don’t have any yet? Get out there and try something new!

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