Moonshine Lemonade for Two

This little number was inspired by a girl’s trip to Nashville last November.  If you haven’t been to Nashville – it’s a must – so fun!  We enjoyed these moonshine lemonades on the rooftop patio at Acme Feed and Seed.

Moonshine Lemonade Acme Feed and Seed

Here’s our version which we think will be a great addition to your summer cocktail menu. It’s refreshing, great tasting, and if you make your own lemonade, not too high on the calories.

Ingredients: (drink for two)
– 2 1/2 Cups fresh, homemade lemonade* (you could also use Simply Lemonade or Minute Maid Light Lemonade from the refrigerated section of your grocery store (not the frozen, canned stuff.)
– 4 oz moonshine (we used Tennessee Mellomoon shown below)
– ice – this will depend on how slushy you want these drinks..

Instructions:  Add ingredients to blender and blend away.  Top off with a lemon and a fun straw.  Enjoy this outside on your deck, patio, or bring to a friend’s outdoor space!  It’s a great summer cocktail 🙂

*Make-your-own-lemonade:  1/2 C Lemon Juice (concentrate), 4 oz simple syrup, and water to taste.

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