Book Review : Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu is happy.  She is a professor of economics at NYU and dating her amazingly handsome coworker that has changed her mind about Asian men.  When he asks her to visit Asia with him for the summer and meet his family, she is sure that he will be popping the question. However, upon their arrival in Singapore, it becomes apparent that Nick has been keeping quite a few secrets about his family’s extraordinary wealth and the fact that he is Singapore’s most prominent bachelor. What Rachel envisions to be a fun and exciting summer, turns into a lesson on the intricate hierarchy of wealthy, Asian families in Singapore.   Rachel is left questioning if there is a place for her within this absurdly affluent society.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is a light-hearted sneak peek into the lives of Singapore’s wealthiest.  From private jets and yachts, couture fashion, priceless art, and over-the-top weddings, Kevin Kwan paints a fantastical, yet surprisingly realistic portrait about the unique personalities of the ultra-wealthy and the emotional price tag associated with having it all.  A great, quick read for your next summer trip!

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