A Great Book Club Read

Educated A Memoir: Book Review


Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover is a remarkable retelling of a young girl’s struggle to escape a repressive father, abusive brother, and a mother who ultimately puts the needs of her husband over the safety of her daughter.  Born to a religious fanatic, Tara Westover was raised by a father who believed that the best education for his children could only be found in the confines of their home. His paranoia of the government and of the outside world led Tara’s father to isolate his family more and more throughout the book.  After her brother leaves to pursue his education, Tara realizes that this might be her only way out.  Tara borrows books from her brother and through self-teaching learns enough to get into Brigham Young University at an early age.

With the help of friends and mentors, Tara educates herself on not only academics, but the ways of the world.  Her pursuit of an escape through education, will open your eyes to the many little things we take for granted.   Educated: A Memoir is captivating and enlightening from the start and a true testament that the human spirit has powerful potential to overcome impossible odds.  A must read!


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