Meet Ashlee: Fashion designer and owner of oakie&b – a women and girls clothing line.  I also have a Sports Medicine degree as well as my Aestheticians license.  Yes, a wide range of knowledge!  I have experience in exercise, aesthetics/make-up and love of all fashion.  This helps me bring you all kinds of cool information.  I love trying new products, finding killer clothes (at a deal of course) and new workouts.  I for sure have exercise ADD.  I also love all kinds of healthy food (well most of the time) and a little unhealthy (sometimes or… more than I’ll admit).  I guess I’ll add that I like to drink and mix drinks while we are on the subject of unhealthy (but oh so fun).  So I look forward to sharing all the crazy things I find out there in this awesome world we live in.








Meet Libby:   Contributing editor, website developer and owner of Fallz Media LLC, a digital marketing company.  With a web development certificate and an extensive background in marketing, I offered to work with Ashlee on this site.  I am an avid reader, lifetime runner, think its fun to develop websites (sound exciting?) and love to try new recipes and exercise places. I have a few great products up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing – but mostly I’ll leave beauty and fashion up to Ash 🙂  Mainly, I’ll be a contributing voice for books, fitness and maybe a recipe or two…cocktails included 😉

Have questions about our site?  Interested in working together on a project?  Email Ashlee and Libby at nearlyallthings@gmail.com.