Festive Boozy Pops

Our friend Allison put us to the task of recreating these Fourth of July boozy popsicles that she found in a magazine recently.  Always willing to accept a challenge, Ashlee recreated these Festive Boozy Pops with moonshine, berries and lemon ice.  What a great way to enjoy a hot Fourth of July party!

Ingredients (makes 8 small or 6 large popsicle)

  • Strawberries (6-8)*
  • Lemon ice or sherbet (1-2 cups)*
  • Moonshine (6-8 oz)* – divided into 3 equal portions
  • Popsicle molds

*The portions listed are approximates based on mold size and how boozy you want your popsicles.


Have your popsicle molds ready to go.  We used smaller molds that we picked up from Walmart recently, but recommend using larger molds like these.

First layer:  Blend strawberries with 1/3 portion of booze. We used moonshine which turned out great! It’s okay to keep this layer on the thicker side to prevent the layers from mixing.   Add this first layer to fill 1/3 of each mold.

Second layer: Use sherbet or lemon ice.  We used lemon ice and were happy with the look and flavor.  Blend with 1/3 portion of booze.   Then place this layer on top of previous layer in the mold.

Third layer: Blend blueberries with the last portion of booze.  Again, its okay to keep this layer on the thicker side also to prevent layers from mixing.  Top off each mold.  Add sticks/lids.

Freeze and enjoy this fun Fourth of July treat with family and friends!

As you see in our picture below the popsicles look great but the strawberry and lemon ice layer mixed a bit more than we would have liked since the molds were so small.  This is why we recommend the regular-sized molds.  In any case, they were delish!

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Key Lime Refresher

Just realized that we only posted this to our Instagram account and never posted this amazing drink to the blog.  Memorial Weekend is a bit of a whirlwind in our quaint, little town of Chagrin Falls.  It’s a piece of true Americana – Carnival rides, 2 parades, a 5.25 mile run, parties and parties before the parties.  So, we apologize if you missed this drink over Memorial Weekend, but we’ll give you the recipe now so you don’t miss out for the rest of the summer 😉

Ashlee did it again with this great summertime drink.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of Key Lime Pie.  For me, it reminds me of our annual trip to Fripp Island, South Carolina where they serve some of the best Key Lime Pie around.  Try this Low Cal Key Lime Refresher drink out and let us know what you think.

Low Cal Key Lime Refresher

  • Key Lime La Croix
  • 1 to 2 oz vanilla vodka or whipped cream vodka
  • Fresh Lime Squeeze
  • Ice

Key Lime La Croix

Fill your glass with ice, add your desired amount of alcohol, fill the rest of the glass with Key Lime La Croix, squeeze your lime, toss it in for good measure and you have yourself a refreshing low calorie drink!

Key Lime Refresher

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Moonshine Lemonade for Two

This little number was inspired by a girl’s trip to Nashville last November.  If you haven’t been to Nashville – it’s a must – so fun!  We enjoyed these moonshine lemonades on the rooftop patio at Acme Feed and Seed.

Moonshine Lemonade Acme Feed and Seed

Here’s our version which we think will be a great addition to your summer cocktail menu. It’s refreshing, great tasting, and if you make your own lemonade, not too high on the calories.

Ingredients: (drink for two)
– 2 1/2 Cups fresh, homemade lemonade* (you could also use Simply Lemonade or Minute Maid Light Lemonade from the refrigerated section of your grocery store (not the frozen, canned stuff.)
– 4 oz moonshine (we used Tennessee Mellomoon shown below)
– ice – this will depend on how slushy you want these drinks..

Instructions:  Add ingredients to blender and blend away.  Top off with a lemon and a fun straw.  Enjoy this outside on your deck, patio, or bring to a friend’s outdoor space!  It’s a great summer cocktail 🙂

*Make-your-own-lemonade:  1/2 C Lemon Juice (concentrate), 4 oz simple syrup, and water to taste.

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Top Gifts for Mother’s Day

Lucky for you we spend a lot of time reviewing products and services that any mom would want for this blog.  Here’s our list of top products and services that are sure to make your mother or mother-in-law happy.  And if your husband doesn’t even have Mother’s Day on his radar (ahem…) then, you may want to share this post with him (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
Top Gifts for Mother's Day
1.  Margarita basket:  What mom doesn’t like a good ole margarita?  From now until Cinco de Mayo, zero-calorie BeMixed margarita cocktail mixers are 20% off if you use the discount code “SHARETHELOVE”.  So make Mother’s Day fun with a little less guilt by getting her these yummy mixers.  Add a bottle of good tequila, and what mom wouldn’t love you for that gift?  I know these moms would!
Be Mixed Margarita Mixer
Be Mixed Margarita Mixer
2.  Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman will be our next book review.  But, don’t wait for the review.  This title has been added to Libby’s list of favorite books – so trust us, your mom will love it!  Still skeptical?  Add a $25 Amazon gift card so she can pick out her next book club book, cookbook or stack of magazines.
3.  PJs – So who really likes to buy pjs for themselves?  If I got a cute pj set like these Bardot Dreamland Pajamas, that are super cute and I could lounge in at the same time, I would be happy!

4.  Tote – This is a great gift for any mom that needs a bag to hold just about everything.  This Reversible Faux Leather Tote and Wristlet  is great, pretty indestructable and large enough to fit all the crap that mom’s lug around.  It’s simple and cute!  It’s also available in black – which I want!   Check out RemnantsBagCompany for even more great options for totes, handbags, and clutches!


Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet
Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet

 4. Spa Services – These are always appreciated!  What mom doesn’t need a little me-time?  Choose from a host of services, including a manicure, pedicure, facial, dermoplane, massage, or just go with a general gift card.  She deserves it!  For Clevelanders, we highly recommend Santo Salon & Spa. We’ll be reviewing this spa and some of their amazing services later this week!

Spa Service
Spa Service
5.  Don’t Forget the Card.  Buy a unique card, one that you won’t find in big box chains and let her know that you took some time to think of her.  Inked & Dotted offers both humorous and sincere cards that add a special touch to any gift.
 6.  Spanx leggings  – What mom doesn’t want to look trendy and cool?  Well, I do and I’d like a pair of these please!  Not only do they suck you in a few inches but they can be worn for a workout or for a casual outing! And remember it came recommended – so don’t read into it when you get these as a gift – appreciate them – they are awesome!  Available in multiple colors and fabrics.
Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings (available in multiple colors and fabrics)
Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings (available in multiple colors and fabrics)
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Next Level Gin – Ginbrew

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw our quick video showing how easy it is to brew your own gin with the Original Ginbrew Kit!  All you need is a 750 ml bottle of vodka  – nothing fancy.  Open your kit, place your flavored botanical brew bag inside, pour your vodka, seal it up, and wait.  The great news is you don’t even have to wait too long.  In 4 to 7 days, your gin is ready.

Gin Brew Kit
Ginbrew Kit with Gravier St. blend.

Last night we were able to try it.  Once brewed it gives off an herby, floral note that explodes with your mixer.  We used the new Diet Coke Ginger Lime as our mixer, with a splash of St. Germaine liqueur.  A squeeze of lemon and lime complimented this drink perfectly.  This is not an ordinary gin drink!

Not Your Ordinary Gin Drink:
– 2 shots of Ginbrew St. Gravier flavored gin
– 1/2 – 1 shot of St. Germain Liqueur (your preference)
– Diet Coke Ginger Lime
– Squeeze of Lime
– Squeeze of Lemon
– Ice
– Copper mug

Fill your copper mug with ice, pour in your shots of gin, St. Germain, then fill the remainder of your cup with the Diet Coke Ginger Lime.  Squeeze in a wedge of lime and lemon.  Enjoy!

You can also add Ginbrew gin for a more flavorful Moscow Mule.  Both drinks are really great with Ginbrew gin!

This is also a great gift idea – package Ginbrew with copper mugs and a bottle of 750 ml bottle of vodka for an exciting, not run-of-the-mill gift.  It’s perfect for housewarmings, engagements, birthdays, or for that gin lover you know!  And if you want to be really fun, package it with this enormous copper mug that holds up to 1500 ml – you can even chill bottle of ginger beer in it for a great look:

Bonbon Moscow Mule Copper mug
BonBon Jumbo 192 Oz. Moscow Mule Copper Drinking Mug


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The Perfect Sparkling Rosé for Valentine’s Day

Share this bottle of Cavatina Premium Rosé with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.  The packaging is great and so is the taste!  If you like Prosecco, you are going to love this!  It’s dry like a Prosecco without the sweetness of your typical rosé.  To top it off, it’s only $11.99/bottle.

Cavatina Premium Rosé
Cavatina Premium Rosé

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Sweet and Salty Martini

Here’s a martini that is a great substitute for dessert – it’s sweet and salty and oh so delicious!

– 2 oz Salted Caramel Vodka
– 1 oz Kahlua
– dash of milk/cream
– ice
– chocolate syrup

Sweet and Salty Martini

Drizzle the chocolate syrup over your martini glass.  Add remaining ingredients to your shaker – shake and pour!  Pretty easy, right?  Enjoy!  In case this seems a little confusing, we added a video for your viewing enjoyment 🙂

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