Spanx Two Ways

These Faux Leather Spanx are the perfect gift for yourself or your best girlfriend.  Why wouldn’t you own a pair of these bad boys?  These will get you through all the holiday eating and drinking and not show a bulge anywhere!

Pair them with a cute sweatshirt and some kicks for a casual look or dress it up with something a bit fancier.  Either way this is my top pick for the week!

Go casual: 

Casual outfit with leather tights
SPANX Faux-Leather Tummy Control Leggings, Hooded Sweatshirt, and Steve Madden Cliff Animal kicks

Dress it up:

all black outfit with leather tights
Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, Fine-Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, and Steve Madden Over the Knee Boots

Add them to your Christmas list if you do not want to buy them for yourself 😉

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Stay Wild with Animal Prints

Animal Print Fashion
Animal prints are a must have for winter! Think of them as a “not so basic” basic!! Here are just a few of my favorites from Zara!










These are just a smidge of what Zara is offering in animal print!  Check it out here!

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Unique Luxury at Two French Blue

A couple weeks ago Ashlee and I visited Two French Blue, a new, luxury boutique located in Chagrin Falls. Owners Amber and Courtney Gile, pictured above, describe their shop as offering a high-quality, curated mix of women’s clothing and accessories.
We offer a fresh perspective on fashion with a unique mix of hand-selected pieces along with styling services ranging from finding the perfect outfit to a complete wardrobe revamp. Two French Blue helps women find their most beautiful, confident selves.
Two French Blue initially started as a luxury mobile concept but has since transitioned to a more traditional storefront.  According to the owners Amber and Courtney, the mobile concept had been a good idea at the start but had prevented them from offering top of the line service to their customers .  “It’s hard to provide luxury services in such a limited space.”  So, they set up shop at their current location,  208 Bell Street in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
Two French Blue apparel
Our experience at Two French Blue did not disappoint.  The boutique is fashion forward.  The shop offers collectible and sophisticated pieces.  that are classic with a twist.  Now, I’ll tell you straight up, it’s not cheap, but you get that timeless, great quality in what you buy.  In other words you’ll have it forever. And since they only offer a limited quantity of each item, you can be confident that you’ll be the only one wearing that outfit to your next holiday party.
Two French Blue owners
These two boss babes are really making it awesome for their customers.  You can expect special treatment when you arrive at the store.  “How about a drink?”  “Can I help pick items that I think will look amazing on you?”  Plus, sometimes you might even get to see a little French Blue or two running around!
Come see it for yourself and visit Chagrin Falls’ coolest new place.  Check their website for store hours or email the owners to set up a personal shopping experience.  Better yet, grab a gal pal and join them every first Thursday from 5-8 for a Sip + Shop!  With the holiday season approaching, stop in the store and tell them you want to create a wish list for that person in your life who typically struggles with their Christmas shopping.
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Fun Fall Finds

Feel like your fall wardrobe is lacking something?  Here are my top picks for fun fall finds from Forever21 that are sure to get your wardrobe back in style.

  1. Loving this Fleece Plaid Sweatshirt!  It’s just a fun twist to a plain black one and is in my cart as we speak!
Fleece Tartan Plaid Sweatshirt
Fleece Tartan Plaid Sweatshirt


2. Plaid scarfs are so fun.  Pair them with a leopard print for a hip look.

Plaid Flannel Oblong Scarf- $14.90


3.  This longline cardigan is the perfect sweater.  It looks cool while keeping you cozy.  This chestnut color is awesome!

Brushed Knit Open-Front Longline Cardigan
Brushed Knit Open-Front Longline Cardigan – $44.90


4.  If you know me then you know I love a good hat!  This cabby hat is so cute and at a great price point too.

Woven Cabby Hat
Woven Cabby Hat – $12.90


5.  We all need a zip-up hoodie – without a doubt.

Longline Zip-Up Hoodie
Longline Zip-Up Hoodie – $27.90


6.  What can I say about this striped high-low shirt? Loving it!

Striped High-Low Shirt
Striped High-Low Shirt


7.  This Shaggy Faux Fur coat is too much fun!

Shaggy Faux Fur Coat
Shaggy Faux Fur Coat –


8.  Black or white?   Don’t care – love both of these!

Cutout Open-Shoulder Sweatshirt
Cutout Open-Shoulder Sweatshirt – $17.90


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Affordable Fashion Pieces

TJ Maxx had the best slogan – “You could pay more, but why?” Or something to that effect.  That is the inspiration for our post today – affordable fashion pieces from Forever21 that look expensive, but are actually quite affordable.  Just in time for the holidays too….

The first selection is this plaid purse from Forever21.  At just $24.90 this is a great fashion piece to amp up your outfit.

Plaid Box Satchel
Plaid Box Satchel – $24.90


Here is a cute dress for a dinner out.  I love the olive – but it’s also available in white.

Tie-Front Mini Dress - $42
Tie-Front Mini Dress – $42


I’m digging this jumpsuit for the holidays.  Sexy, right?

Wide Leg Shirt Jumpsuit - $42
Wide Leg Shirt Jumpsuit – $42


This top is available in cream and rust, but the black and white is pretty cool!

Glen Plaid Mock Neck Top - $14.90
Glen Plaid Mock Neck Top – $14.90


Yes this jacket is wild – but every once in a while you gotta let your wild side out!  If you look good in yello, I say go for it!  If yellow ain’t your thang – black would add some pizzaz to any outfit.


Fringe Crochet Open Knit Jacket - $42
Fringe Crochet Open Knit Jacket – $42


These ripped leggings are pretty fun for your or your teen.  Throw them on with an oversized sweater and some cute boots – totally hip!

Distressed French Terry Joggers - $10
Distressed French Terry Joggers – $10


We at NAT just like to give you some options of cheaper items that can still be cool.  You don’t need to go spend a fortune on fashion, get a fun cheaper piece and add to it. No one will ever know.

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Top It Off – Easy Halloween Costumes

Don’t feel like dressing up this Halloween?  Here are some shirts that keep it simple without losing the Halloween “spirit”.

Resting Witch Face tee

Resting Witch Face Sweatshirt – $38

Just Here for the Boos tee
Just Here for the Boos tee – $24


Baddest Witch on the Block sweatshirt
Baddest Witch on the Block sweatshirt – $21


I'm With the Ghost tee
I’m With the Ghost tee (more colors available) – $24.99









Namaste Witches tank
Namaste Witches tank – $24.99


We wouldn’t want to leave out the men:

Cheap Ass Halloween Costume
Cheap Ass Halloween Costume – $16.99

So don’t be “boo-ed” for being lame this Halloween & “treat” yourself to one of these fun tops!

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Shop With Intention

Tart Boutique

“Shop with Intention”.  That is the tagline that owner, Beth Hess of Tart Boutique in Rocky River, wanted placed on her new website.  “Shop with Intention” to her means truly thinking about your purchases.  Where do they come from? Who made them? How will your purchase impact the environment – will this be something you use or toss as we move into another season?

The philosophy of Shopping With Intention is inline with a growing movement of consumers focusing on shopping smaller, locally owned stores that help to keep money in the community where they live. “It’s about being mindful.”

Prior to owning Tart Boutique, Beth had been selling her originally designed, screen printed tea towels there. The previous store owners had primarily sold consignment items but they also sold a  small offering of local products.

“When I found out the store was for sale – on an impulse I bought it.  I knew nothing about consignment.  The previous owners had been really helpful.”

Now with some experience owning the store, Beth has decided to transition to less consignment at Tart Boutique. “Because I am an artist, I want to make more of my own things and have the store feel more like its mine.  The studio in the back where I can create actually sealed the whole deal to purchase the store.”

Owning a store in the same city Beth resides also has its advantages.  “It works well for my life and gives me the flexibility I need with kids growing up.  I do really like working in the city that I live in – a lot of people can’t say that.

Home Ohio Tea Towel

Tart Boutique is an eclectic boutique specializing in vintage and new housewares, furnishings, jewelry, candles, handmade body products and more. They also feature their own line of originally designed tea towels and apparel that are hand printed on site.

Tart Boutique tees

Beth is also offering workshops at Tart Boutique.   The first of many to come is called “Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please”  where attendees will join Maureen Koopman of @allspelledout to create wool-blend felt flowers to embellish the fall home décor piece pictured below.  For more information or to register click here by October 10th.

To find out more about Tart Boutique, visit the store on Lake Road in Rocky River, Ohio or visit her new online store* at and join the growing movement to shop with intention.

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*For full disclosure, Libby Young is the author of this article and also the owner of Fallz Media, LLC who created the new Tart Boutique website.