Finding Balance at spyngaFlows

“Balance” was the word that came to mind after leaving a Spynga® Yin class at spyngaFlows in Chagrin Falls last week.  Too often I find myself leaving a yoga class feeling like I could have expended more energy, or leaving a workout class with tight muscles that desperately need to be stretched.  Spynga® Yin provided the perfect balance of a tough spin workout followed by a Yin yoga class that focused on flexibility (of which I found I have very little) and deep tissue stretching.  I left the class feeling a balance between getting a great cardio workout and also being good to my body by stretching and becoming more flexible.

Spynga, the yoga and cycling philosophy is about living authentically.  We are a community-oriented bunch with a platform for all who are intrigued and interested to explore and remember the deeper aspects of the self through the thrilling art of indoor cycling (a.k.a. spinning) and the ancient practice of yoga and thus live a more balanced, healthy and enriched transparent existence.

Carina Whyte, Program director and owner of spyngaFlows Ohio

Carina, the owner of spyngaFlows taught our  Spynga Yin class.  It was a 75 minute workout made up of 30 minutes of spinning and 45 minutes of yin yoga.  The spin portion was quite a ride.  We climbed hills, rode the open road and accomplished some jumps.  The music took me back in time and gave me something to think about other than my tired legs.  The class was challenging yet doable.  Carina rocked as an instructor by being encouraging, knowledgeable and by providing a great workout.  By the time the spin class was over, we were more than ready to move to the Yin part of class.

Yin yoga is taking poses and really grounding down into them.  Taking time to stretch and lengthen.  You hold the stretch or pose much longer than traditional power yoga classes.  Doing this gave me time to really feel what my body was telling me and gave me time to focus on a particular spot.  The class ended with light stretches and a quick  aromatherapy neck and shoulder rub from the instructor.  I must say, this was such a special way to end a beautiful class.  I felt worked out, stretched out and cared for all at the same time.  Thank you to spyngaFlows and Carina for an awesome way to start our day!

spyngaFlows Chagrin Falls, OH
We highly recommend you give spyngaFlows a try.  There is something for everyone as they offer many different types of classes including different types of yoga, different levels of spin, a combination of spin and yoga, and a combination of spin and strength.  Check out their class offerings and descriptions here.  We will be back to test the waters on other classes as well.  Right now spyngaFlows is offering an introductory offer for an unlimited month of classes for $50 – which can be purchased here.  Sounds like a good deal to us!


After class, Carina was headed to Nestle headquarters to give a meditation class to employees.  Please consider this for your business.  Well employees make for a happy place of business!

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Natural Deodorant that Works

I’ve always been a little skeptical about “natural” deodorants.  Let me take a step back.  If you’ve ever worked out with me, you will know that I sweat a lot (guess who’s writing this article (ha ha!).  So, I have put many anti-perspirants and deodorants to the test and have only found a select few that work.  But, as I get further into my 40s, I’m trying to make my daily routine as healthy as possible.  And, since aluminum has been linked to breast cancer, I thought now would be a good time to try to rid this from my daily routine.

Native Deodorant Coconut Vanilla
Native Deodorant Coconut Vanilla

I tried Native deodorant in Coconut Vanilla, which it turns out is their most popular scent.  Native instructs first-time users to try it for 10 days giving your body enough time to rid itself of other aluminum-based products you may have been using.  The other instruction is to wash first, then apply lightly.  That may sound like a pain, but I just grabbed a washcloth each morning, rinsed, dried, and applied.  Pretty simple and I was set for the day.

The good news is that it worked – no bad body odor!  It’s important to remember this is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant.  I did not notice a difference in how much I perspired but others that reviewed with me noticed a small increase.

My recommendation is to go for it and Go Native.  I really liked the deodorant and I feel good that I am ridding myself of a potentially harmful substance that I was using on a daily basis.  Did I mention, it’s also paraben-free? Native offers a collection of amazing scents like coconut lime, lavender and rose, and even pumpkin spice latte (how fun is that?). They also have a sensitive line and a full line for men.

Don’t forget about your tweens and teens!  Just remind them how to use it.  Rinse, dry, and apply (just once a day is all I had to do).  Buy a sample pack through Amazon here.

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Workout Pants that ROCK


These are just a few of the many cool workout pants by Noli Yoga.  I have a couple of pairs and plan to add more to my collection.  They are forward thinking with their color and styles and the fabric is lightweight without giving up the ability to suck us in.

I dare you to step out of the comfort zone of your plain ol’ black workout pants and give something a Little Rock ‘n Roll a try. You can thanks us later for all the compliments you’ll get!


Rebel Leggings:  I mean are you kidding me?  These are so rock n roll! That’s why they are called Rebel leggings.

Noli Rebel Legging
Noli Rebel Leggings


Liquid Leggings:  So, I have these Liquid leggings and love them!  They might scare a few of you but really they are super cool on.  A bit Sandra D from Grease!
Noli Liquid Legging
Noli Liquid Leggings


Combat Leggings: What is not to love about these guys?  Who does not like a little camo?  And, the stars just amp it up!

Noli Combat Legging
Noli Combat Legging


Serpent Leggings:  These are perfectly named Serpent.  I see these in my near future.

Noli Serpent Leggings
Noli Serpent Leggings


If you are new to Noli, you can sign up to receive 15% off of your first order.  We should add that we are not paid by this company to promote their products.  I challenge each of you to share this with 10 friends you know that love workout clothes.  Sharing is caring!  Thanks!


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5 Moves to Tone Those Arms

While turning 40 has so many positive aspects, one aspect that isn’t so great is the additional flab we ladies start finding under our arms and extending out of our armpits.  Super sexy, I know.   Or, maybe you don’t have the flab, but notice that your arms have lost definition.  So, we asked Adam Ortega, owner of The Set Fitness in Chagrin Falls, “What’s a girl to do?”

There are many women that pose the question , why they are so called “flabby, “ loose” or gaining weight?  I always ask the question, ‘Are you doing any weight training?’ And more times then not the answer is no .

One of the main reasons why women start to gain weight into their 40’s is because they are losing the lean muscle that once helped keep their daily calories burning.” – Adam Ortega, The Set Fitness.

So, if you aren’t including weights in your workout, that’s a great place to start.  But, what if weight training is already part of your exercise regime, but the saggy arms persist?  Are there specific exercises we could do to tone up those arms?

Since I’m often asked what’s the best exercises for certain areas; it’s key to remember there is no such thing as spot reduction.  But, as we drop body fat and build/sustain lean muscle we reveal the chiseled and lean look we’re going for.

So, the reality is that if we want to tone up our arms, we need to work our whole body and as we lose fat and add muscle, we will get that lean, toned look.  As Adam mentioned, one of the best ways to do this is through resistance-training.  And if toned arms aren’t motivation enough, Adam provided us with a list of additional benefits of resistance training.

10 Benefits of Resistance Training for Women in their 40s:

  • Lose body fat. Resistance training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases, so does metabolism.
  • Gain strength without bulking.
  • Decrease risk of osteoporosis.
  • Reduce risk of injury.
  • Burn more calories.
  • Improve posture and reduce back pain.
  • Reduce stress – Exercise helps to reduce stress hormones.
  • Helps maintain healthy estrogen hormone levels.
  • Improve mood.  Our bodies release endorphins, feel-good hormones that boost your energy and mood.
  • Increase self confidence.

Not sure where to start?  Here are Adam’s personal favorite resistance training exercises.  These will give you a full body workout with some added attention to those arms.  Complete 30 seconds of each exercise in a circuit format – 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, then move on to the next exercise.  Repeat the circuit four times. See his video below:

Also, if you missed it – check out our article on the Seconds app which will create a timer for you, remind you which exercises are coming up next, and adds a little extra motivation to keep going.

  • TRX tricep extension
  • Band 1.5 curls
  • Plank tricep extensions
  • Band Squat Row

So, let’s lose the flab, get stronger and healthier, and feel better! Find yourself a great resistance training class like The Set Fitness to get you motivated or workout from home using your own TRX straps and resistance bands.  Don’t have your own yet?  We’ve provided links for you below.  Click on the images to purchase.

TRX Training

For the band curls and band squat rows, we recommend using Black Mountain Resistance Bands. You can buy these through Amazon also.  Click on image for details.



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Picture by Alex Mazzarello.

5 Ways Talk Therapy Will Change Your Life

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” –  Wayne Dyer

If you’re like many of us, you are trying to improve your circumstances. Whether the shift you desire is in your career, physical health, relationships, or mental health – perhaps all you need is a different perspective. Talk therapy is an amazing tool that you can use to help bring about the change you desire – no matter what that may be! Working with a talk therapist can provide you with what you need in order to:

Find a Starting Point

There are so many moving parts that encompass a happy and successful life which sometimes can make getting started on your quest for self improvement difficult! Talk therapy helps you clarify the best area to focus on and allows you to organize your goals so they can become more achievable. With your therapist by your side, you’ll be more empowered than ever to tackle your largest obstacles and gain the confidence to see them through to the finish!

Learn Tools and Techniques

Coping skills are methods you can use immediately to deal with stressful situations and improve your mental wellness. A therapist can guide you to finding techniques and strategies that work for you to better manage your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These practices work really well when you need them and are proven to be effective by clinical research!

Gain a New Perspective

As you begin to delve deeper into your own narrative, you’ll discover that you have a habit of repeating certain behaviors. This introspective initiative helps you make sense of the different things going on in your life. Once you clearly see the patterns of behaviors that need to change, you can begin to reshape them.

Improve Your Decision Making

After spending some time in therapy, you will begin to think more about the decisions you have made and how they have affected the person you have become. This process will help you place a greater value on decisions you are making today and better understand how those decisions will impact your future self. Working with a therapist will aid you in coming to your own realizations on what the best decisions are in different areas of your life.

Reshape Your Reactions

By exploring the inner workings of your emotional framework, you can reshape the way you interact with the world around you, which will give you more control of your circumstances. When you reshape the way you react and respond to adversity, that is when the greatest change occurs.

As much as the world is beginning to realize the important of staying mentally fit, there’s still a stigma around seeing a therapist that should not exist! Your mental wellness is one of the most important components of your health and you definitely do not need to have a mental illness in order to benefit from working with a therapist. If you’re currently experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness, or any one of the large range of emotions humans experience on a regular basis, you may just be shocked at the value you could receive from a few talk therapy sessions!

Modern Therapy offers convenient & affordable online talk therapy + coaching.  Still not sure?  Try Modern Therapy for free for one week by using the code Nearlyallthings.  

Brandon Christensen


Author Bio: Brandon Christensen

Brandon Christensen is a passionate business leader and mental health advocate who is on a mission to leave the world a better place than he found it. Brandon is the owner of Modern Therapy, a tele-mental health company that provides talk therapy services exclusively through messaging, phone, and video sessions. Brandon has been featured as a keynote speaker on mental health topics at colleges like NYU, Skidmore College, and Columbia University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Ramapo College of New Jersey.



Instagram: @moderntherapyonline


Twitter: @_moderntherapy



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Alter’d Core

Feel the burn!  That is what you’ll experience when you try an Alter’d Core class.  If you are up for a challenge and you want to actually feel the changes going on in your body, then this is the workout for you.  It’s fun and body changing all at once!

Classes at Alter’d Core in Hudson will challenge your muscles, strengthen your core, and help your body burn calories throughout the day.  Alter’d CORE offers small group training sessions, where certified personal trainers, trained in the Lagree Fitness Method (LFM), ensure that you use proper form on their Megaformer M3K machines.

The Lagree Fitness method incorporates five basic elements; cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility in each and every move.  In addition, it also works on core strength, balance, and like any exercise is good for your overall mental health.  The beauty of all of this is that it offers a low-impact exercise which is safe on your joints, spine, and connective tissue.  If you want to get stronger, tone up your core, blast fat and burn calories, we recommend trying Alter’d Core.

You don’t walk out feeling like you had a hard cardio session – more like a tough weight training session!  This workout will keep those calories burning all day long –  even better than a run that only burns calories while you’re doing it! It’s a yes from me!  Get in there and try it out! – Ashlee

The workout slowly pushes each of your muscle groups to fatigue.  It’s highly effective – based on my sore inner thighs the next day.  I never was out of breath, but I was sweating and my muscles were often shaking by the end of each movement.  It’s a great workout! – Libby

Check out the video below of one of the Alter’d Core trainers, Caroline, performing some of the typical LFM moves.  We need to warn you though, they are a LOT harder than they look:

Alter’d Core classes start August 20th!  Don’t miss out! View their website for pricing and more details.


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Run in Style with These Five Top Shoes

Looking at my worn out heels, I know it’s time when I need a new pair of running shoes.   Most experts recommend replacing your running shoes every 300-400 miles.  Which means if you are averaging 9-10 miles a week, you should be replacing your running shoes every 8-9 months.  This number varies based on your weight and height, but it’s a good rule of thumb in general.

Below are Ashlee’s top picks for running shoes that are not only great for your feet, but also keep you running in style:

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Utility

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Utility

While The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Utility running shoe comes in seven different colors, all black is my preference.  This shoe is designed to be easy to lace up, has added foot cushioning, light-weight, and has a higher ankle for added support.


The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2

The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 in this blush color is pretty cool.  These are a peek into what I am eyeing for my next running shoe – I’m tempted to buy these.  The Flyknit 2 offers more heel support which is great for those of you suffering with heel pain, especially the dreaded plantar fasciitis – dun, dun, dun…


GEL-Kayano 25

GEL-Kayano 25

The Gel-Kayano 25 running shoe in all black is what I end up with just about every time.  Asics have returned to their original foot design which has made a lot of runners happy that their toes aren’t being squeezed.  If you left Asics for a while, it might be time to come back and try out this new version.

GEL-Quantum 180 3


The GEL-Quantum 180 3 is one I might try also.  I am not a fan of white soles but this one is white then black again, so I’m warming up to it.  This shoe runs a bit heavier compared to most light-weight shoes, but the added comfort and durability makes it worth it.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

I am also a big fan of Brooks, all black again of course!  This Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 has great cushioning and arch support.  It’s a great, everyday running shoe that is true to size.

Plum Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

This color in the same shoe is also in the running (get it ha ha). I like the fact that the sole is the same color as the shoe.  Like I said white bottoms bug me personally.  These could be pretty fun!

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