Must-Have Gifts

Yes,  it’s the holidays and these reds are the bomb and will make you look like a bombshell!  Get one, give one!

Maskara Lip & Cheek Holiday Bundle
Maskara Beauty Lip & Cheek Holiday Bundle – $48

Next up is the Nude pallet from Maskara Beauty! This is literally for everyone you know that wears lipstick! These are everyday all day!  Both of these bundles can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks!  I promise they don’t disappoint!

Lip & Cheek Holiday Bundle (Nudes)
Lip & Cheek Holiday Bundle (Nudes) – $48
Another treat for yourself or someone on your list is this Bella Bundle.  I have shared this bronzer before and I will again. This is the best I have ever used and trust me I’ve used them all!  It’s natural-looking and beautiful!  This brush comes too and it’s perfection 🙂
Bella Bundle - brush and bronzer
Bella Bundle – $40


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Spanx Two Ways

These Faux Leather Spanx are the perfect gift for yourself or your best girlfriend.  Why wouldn’t you own a pair of these bad boys?  These will get you through all the holiday eating and drinking and not show a bulge anywhere!

Pair them with a cute sweatshirt and some kicks for a casual look or dress it up with something a bit fancier.  Either way this is my top pick for the week!

Go casual: 

Casual outfit with leather tights
SPANX Faux-Leather Tummy Control Leggings, Hooded Sweatshirt, and Steve Madden Cliff Animal kicks

Dress it up:

all black outfit with leather tights
Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, Fine-Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, and Steve Madden Over the Knee Boots

Add them to your Christmas list if you do not want to buy them for yourself 😉

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Top Picks for All Natural Perfumes

I was asked about all natural perfumes several times, so I did a little digging!  Here are a few that I found:

Free people 1809 collection.  These scents are “100% all-natural formulas with no artificial notes or chemically altered ingredients. Scents the way nature intended. Scents that transport you, naturally.”  Click on the image below to learn more about each fragrance.
Free People All Natural Perfume
Skylar collection created by a previous worker at The Honest Company.  Skylar was inspired by women looking for perfumes that didn’t contain all the chemicals found in most perfumes.  “Skylar is a brand that you can feel great about spritzing. The name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day – airy, natural, and beautiful.”  My pick is Skylar Isle -inspired by the purity of water, but I’d recommend buying the sample pack and choose the scent that is best for you 🙂  Also, when you buy a sample palette, you will earn a $20 credit on a full size purchase.
Skylar Sample Packet - $20
Skylar Sample Packet – $20
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Affordable Fashion Pieces

TJ Maxx had the best slogan – “You could pay more, but why?” Or something to that effect.  That is the inspiration for our post today – affordable fashion pieces from Forever21 that look expensive, but are actually quite affordable.  Just in time for the holidays too….

The first selection is this plaid purse from Forever21.  At just $24.90 this is a great fashion piece to amp up your outfit.

Plaid Box Satchel
Plaid Box Satchel – $24.90


Here is a cute dress for a dinner out.  I love the olive – but it’s also available in white.

Tie-Front Mini Dress - $42
Tie-Front Mini Dress – $42


I’m digging this jumpsuit for the holidays.  Sexy, right?

Wide Leg Shirt Jumpsuit - $42
Wide Leg Shirt Jumpsuit – $42


This top is available in cream and rust, but the black and white is pretty cool!

Glen Plaid Mock Neck Top - $14.90
Glen Plaid Mock Neck Top – $14.90


Yes this jacket is wild – but every once in a while you gotta let your wild side out!  If you look good in yello, I say go for it!  If yellow ain’t your thang – black would add some pizzaz to any outfit.


Fringe Crochet Open Knit Jacket - $42
Fringe Crochet Open Knit Jacket – $42


These ripped leggings are pretty fun for your or your teen.  Throw them on with an oversized sweater and some cute boots – totally hip!

Distressed French Terry Joggers - $10
Distressed French Terry Joggers – $10


We at NAT just like to give you some options of cheaper items that can still be cool.  You don’t need to go spend a fortune on fashion, get a fun cheaper piece and add to it. No one will ever know.

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Shop With Intention

Tart Boutique

“Shop with Intention”.  That is the tagline that owner, Beth Hess of Tart Boutique in Rocky River, wanted placed on her new website.  “Shop with Intention” to her means truly thinking about your purchases.  Where do they come from? Who made them? How will your purchase impact the environment – will this be something you use or toss as we move into another season?

The philosophy of Shopping With Intention is inline with a growing movement of consumers focusing on shopping smaller, locally owned stores that help to keep money in the community where they live. “It’s about being mindful.”

Prior to owning Tart Boutique, Beth had been selling her originally designed, screen printed tea towels there. The previous store owners had primarily sold consignment items but they also sold a  small offering of local products.

“When I found out the store was for sale – on an impulse I bought it.  I knew nothing about consignment.  The previous owners had been really helpful.”

Now with some experience owning the store, Beth has decided to transition to less consignment at Tart Boutique. “Because I am an artist, I want to make more of my own things and have the store feel more like its mine.  The studio in the back where I can create actually sealed the whole deal to purchase the store.”

Owning a store in the same city Beth resides also has its advantages.  “It works well for my life and gives me the flexibility I need with kids growing up.  I do really like working in the city that I live in – a lot of people can’t say that.

Home Ohio Tea Towel

Tart Boutique is an eclectic boutique specializing in vintage and new housewares, furnishings, jewelry, candles, handmade body products and more. They also feature their own line of originally designed tea towels and apparel that are hand printed on site.

Tart Boutique tees

Beth is also offering workshops at Tart Boutique.   The first of many to come is called “Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please”  where attendees will join Maureen Koopman of @allspelledout to create wool-blend felt flowers to embellish the fall home décor piece pictured below.  For more information or to register click here by October 10th.

To find out more about Tart Boutique, visit the store on Lake Road in Rocky River, Ohio or visit her new online store* at and join the growing movement to shop with intention.

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*For full disclosure, Libby Young is the author of this article and also the owner of Fallz Media, LLC who created the new Tart Boutique website.



Get Your Kids Excited to Play Outside

If there is one struggle that mom’s are sharing this summer, it is trying to pull their kids away from Fortnite.  If left to their own devices (see what I did there?), kids would stay inside for unlimited hours, sporting headsets with mouthpieces, screaming to their friends, trying to be the last one standing.  In our day, we called games like this Kick the Can or Ghosts in the Graveyard, but we didn’t have an earpiece on and we were running our butts off rather than sitting and staring at a screen.  Ah the 80s…..

So, how do you encourage kids to get off their devices and get outside?  Here’s a fun toy that is sure to entice them:

Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set 4FT Bubble Soccer Ball Suit 2 Pack
Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set 4FT Bubble Soccer Ball Suit 2 Pack – $155

All you need is a backyard, open field, park, or a beach, and a willing kid or two (teens and adults included).  Then, let the games begin.  Check out my girls having a blast – oh and us too!

And who knows, maybe getting them outside will encourage more outside play? Maybe we can bring back a resurgence of those popular outside 80s games while they’re at it?

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Treat Yourself this Mother’s Day

We are coming in hot with Mothers Day next week! We already gave you some awesome ideas (checkout that post) but here are a few spa treatments that you should consider gifting to the amazing mom in your life (especially if that is you!)

Last week we visited Santos Salon & Spa  and were lucky enough to try out The Essential Facial and Dermablading.

The Essential Facial is a personalized facial designed to meet your specific skin care needs.  Promotes and maintains healthy skin with a thorough deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a customized mask. And if that wasn’t enough, during your experience you will also receive a relaxing massage of the upper body, hands, and feet. Sixty minutes later my skin looked and felt great, and I felt relaxed and peaceful.  It was a great experience and felt like Mother’s Day came early:)

Dermablading is a procedure designed to exfoliate the top layer of skin as well as remove any and all peach fuzz on your face.  You are left with fresh skin that feels so soft. Your make-up will glide on easily and look better and over time after continually doing more dermablading you will start to see fine lines and dark spots disappear. So this is a no brainer if you are looking for those types of results. Sounds a bit crazy that this could be relaxing “a blade to the face?” but it is.

Threading – Threading I believe is better for you than waxing but people have their personal preference. My preference is threading for three reasons. Number one, I have the right girl ADITI! Number two, waxing over time can thin the skin and create wrinkles.  It also can cause pigmentation issues if you over wax. Number three, it is so precise, and I personally love that.  Do your research and find a good person and give threading a try instead of waxing. I mostly use threading for my brows but people use threading all over.

These treatments were given to Libby and I by one of their incredible aestheticians Aditi. Aditi is more than just an extremely knowledgable aesthetician, but also one sweet lady to boot! I have had the pleasure of going to her for eyebrow threading for the last 7 years.

If you are in the Cleveland area,  Santos Salon and Spa offers so many things, you should check it out and make sure you ask for Aditi. I know there are also many other wonderful people there but she has my heart. At Santos, they really want people to have an experience and they focus on educating the clients in the process so they understand why a service or a product is the right choice for you.


“I wanted to make my passion my profession” – Aditi.





Santos offers a huge range of things including: cut/style, color, make-up, airbrush tanning, mani/pedi, skin care (including many different facials), hair removal (including threading) and massage. They also have advanced skincare (including dermablading) and body care.  Santo Salon & Spa is located at 31100 Pinetree Rd, Pepper Pike,  Ohio 44124.  

So treat yourself this Mother’s Day and get to the spa!

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