Blush Out All the Toxins with these Workout Outfits

Keep up with the pale pink trend during your workout with these outfits:

Onzie Jersey Pullover
Zella ‘Live-in’ Midi Leggings – available at Nordstrom
Adidas Swift Run PrimeknitTraining Shoe
Nike LunarGlide 9

Adidas yoga activewear
$95 –

Pepper Mayne pink sportswear

Adidas laced up shoes
$110 –

NIKE laced up shoes
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NORDSTROM - Stock up on casual weekend classics


Three Series to Binge-Watch this Summer

So, we just finished the show The White Queen and are now following up with The White Princess.  If you really wanted to watch this time period in an orderly fashion you would start with The White Queen, then watch the White Princess, and then end with The Tudors.


I found all of the series to be entertaining and educational.  You have to be a little on your game to follow who is King and Queen and how they got there, but it’s worth it to keep up!  The Tudors is one of my all time favorites series.

All of the series listed can get a little racy and even a little gory,  but that’s just true to fashion.  You’ll find these shows on Amazon, Starz, and Netflix.   Enjoy these this summer and let us know your thoughts on each.

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Recreation of a Daily Harvest Smoothie

We have recreated this yummy smoothie by Daily Harvest a smoothie delivery service. I tried the service and it was awesome but I felt like for me it was not a necessity since I like to make them myself and I have the time. If that is not you, then get the service.

Daily Harvest Cacao Avocado Smoothie



I cut up several zucchini and froze them so I could have them handy.




My version below:

  • 1/2 cup zucchini
  • 1/4 avocado
  • Tablespoon pumpkin seeds
  • 1 date
  • 1 tablespoon cacao
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • Scoop vanilla protein
  • 1/2 cup almond milk or milk of choice
  • Add ice and blend away

This turns into a thick, rich, creamy smoothie  -so good!  Even my 10 year old liked it- bonus!   Just don’t let them see you make it 😉


Self-Tanning – It Doesn’t Have to be so Hard

Interested in tanning yourself without all the headache?  I have tried everything under the sun.  I mean that sincerely.  You see, I have vitiligo so I am constantly trying to find ways to camouflage it.  Sunless tanning helps even out my skin.  It’s very tough to find just the right one.  Until now.


Tan Frenzy self-tan spray
Tan Frenzy Bronze For Blondes Instant Self-Tanning Elixir (also available for Brunettes)

I can’t say enough great things about this GEM of a product by Tan Frenzy.  They focus on developing sunless skincare products using gentle and organic ingredients that give gorgeously bronzed, natural looking results.  Ingredients are sourced from Paris, France –  so you know you are getting an instant self-tanner that is locally made, while using the finest ingredients available world-wide. 

Much time and care has gone into making it.  It smells good, easy to apply, wears evenly and comes off even too!

image of brunette model with self-tan

Let’s talk about the color.  This is by far the best.  It has colors for brunettes (that’s me) and colors for blondes.  It comes with a mitt to apply which is great, but I like to apply it with this cool thing by Bare Minerals (see pic below).  I’m sure Ali is working on getting this to her customers soon too.

Bare Escentuals Tan Brush
Bare Escentuals Tan Brush

Get yourselves tan everyone, its summertime and the sun is not that good for you.  So fake it till you make it!  NearlyAllThings subscribers get a 25% discount by using promo code “nearlyallthings”. Pretty darn good discount if we don’t say so ourselves 😉

I’ve always had a passion to cultivate a business culture where women help other women create independence, confidence and happiness. 
 Being fulfilled in what we do while making the money necessary and having the flexibility needed to raise our children is difficult. I want to be there as room mom if I choose while still working to remain independent and fulfilled. I want to give other women the opportunity to do that too. Casey Radomsky is a business partner and mom of three- and she’s been integral to our business growth- balancing work and family harmoniously. I hope to grow Tan Frenzy so that we can work and partner with women nationwide supporting the work/life balance that is important to so many of us. – Ali Bunch, CEO Tan Frenzy.

Tan Frenzy is a leading sunless tanning manufacturer with a national distribution of self tanning solutions, retail products and equipment. Their best selling product is a luxury line of instant self-tanning elixirs… custom designed for blonds and brunettes to enhance the individual features of each.


Kimonos – Add Instant Style to Any Outfit


girl wearing Forever21 JayLey Floral Velvet Kimono

Kimono’s are a favorite of mine because they bring life to every outfit.  You can put on any t-shirt with jeans and a kimono and the outfit is complete.  I literally have maybe six of them and get compliments every time I wear one.  Not only can they spice up an outfit but they look super chic over a swimsuit.


Check out the picture below of my oakie&b pants with a kimono.  You can have this look also.  The oakie&b site is undergoing construction but pants are still available for purchase.  I purchased the kimono in the picture years ago, but I have selected a few that are beautiful (and cheap!).
Girl with hat, kimono, and oakie&b pants
Kimono with oakie&b Wide Leg Pant
All of the other kimonos shown can be found from Forever21.  Yes, you all can buy from there even if you’re over 21.  And no, it’s not just small sizes.  The online store has more to offer than most Forever21 stores.  Just take a look for yourself and save some money!


Girl in black kimono with jean shirts
Forever21 Belted Longline Floral Kimono


Forever21 Contemporary Floral Kimono
Forever21 Contemporary Floral Kimono

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Lazy (Wo)Man’s Drinks – No Blender Required

Sometimes you just don’t feel like whipping out the blender – we get it.  Here’s a great couple of options that can be drank as is or kicked up a little.

Cayman Jack Margaritas are really good – if you feel like making them a bit more authentic, throw in an additional splash of tequila for an extra dose of booze.

If you are keeping track of calories this Mother’s Day try this little fresh drink!

  • 1 bottle Truly Spiked and Sparkling over ice
  • Squeeze fresh lime
  • Squeeze of fresh grapefruit

It’s simple and refreshing.  Happy Friday!