Mascara that Thickens and Lengthens

These two products are the best I’ve found and work the best when used together.  I have been through a million brands and always go back to these tubes of greatness!  The mascara alone not only lengthens, it thickens the lashes too.  Put it on alone for everyday wear or for mega lashes add the lash primer. It does not disappoint.  After using the primer be sure to cover all the lashes with the blackest, black mascara (the primer is white, which also makes the dark mascara look even darker – bonus!)

Be sure to replace as soon as it starts to flake on you approximately every 3-4 months!

Where to buy?  Target or CVS.  You should really buy mascara from places where products don’t sit on the shelves for very long.  Target and CVS refill their stock often.  You are then guaranteed a fresher product!