How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Let’s talk about facial hair.  Ok ladies, all that peach fuzz on your face can be removed – this includes the hair on your upper lip.  And no, it will not grow in thicker.  That is a myth.  What will happen though is your makeup will go on smoother and look better and the biggest reason-  NO hairy face!

How often do you see a stray hair on a friend and don’t even tell her??  Shame on you!  No one wants a long stray hair hanging off their frickin’ face.  Seriously – tell your friend!  It’s different if it’s a stranger.  Just do them a favor and share this blog with them,  so they have this awesome information too 🙂

There are other ways to rid your face of hair such as waxing, Dermaplane, or depilatory cream (Nair for example).  These are not my favorite methods.  Waxing can be hard on your skin, dermaplaning is expensive, and depilatory creams are harsh chemicals.

In some severe cases, hormones may lead to crazy hair growth on some women.  In this case laser hair removal may be in order.

Panisonic facial hair trimmer for women
Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women, with Pivoting Head and Eyebrow Trimmer Attachments, Battery-Operated

This Panasonic trimmer gadget can really be helpful.  There are many brands, that all work relatively the same.  Here is an example of one that I like – so you have an idea what to look for.

Enjoy your hair free face!

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It’s All About Those Brows

Follow these steps for fuller looking and more defined eyebrows:

Natural eyebrow
Draw a clean line under brow.
Draw a clean line over arch.
Take the brush end of brow pencil and comb upwards to distribute product through brow to ensure a natural looking eyebrow.
Eyebrow picture
Add highlighter under eyebrow to add more definition to brows. Voila!

Here’s the recommended tool and brow pencil in one – L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer:


Take a Chance with Red this Summer

I saw someone wearing an even funkier pair of red shoes similar to these the other night and I snuck a pic of the person’s feet.  Seriously – that is how much I liked them!  Here’s the closest version I could find and a less expensive pair that are just as cute.  Wear them with ripped jeans or snazz them up with a denim dress.  Or, if you really want to stand out, you could pair them with a red outfit.  Don’t be afraid to go bold!  Life is too short!


Yarina Sandal - red wraparound with heel
Yarina Sandal – Sam Edelman – $129.95


Red Theresa Platform Sandal by Chinese Laundry
Chinese Laundry Theresa Platform Sandal  – $69.96

Self-Tanning – It Doesn’t Have to be so Hard

Interested in tanning yourself without all the headache?  I have tried everything under the sun.  I mean that sincerely.  You see, I have vitiligo so I am constantly trying to find ways to camouflage it.  Sunless tanning helps even out my skin.  It’s very tough to find just the right one.  Until now.


Tan Frenzy self-tan spray
Tan Frenzy Bronze For Blondes Instant Self-Tanning Elixir (also available for Brunettes)

I can’t say enough great things about this GEM of a product by Tan Frenzy.  They focus on developing sunless skincare products using gentle and organic ingredients that give gorgeously bronzed, natural looking results.  Ingredients are sourced from Paris, France –  so you know you are getting an instant self-tanner that is locally made, while using the finest ingredients available world-wide. 

Much time and care has gone into making it.  It smells good, easy to apply, wears evenly and comes off even too!

image of brunette model with self-tan

Let’s talk about the color.  This is by far the best.  It has colors for brunettes (that’s me) and colors for blondes.  It comes with a mitt to apply which is great, but I like to apply it with this cool thing by Bare Minerals (see pic below).  I’m sure Ali is working on getting this to her customers soon too.

Bare Escentuals Tan Brush
Bare Escentuals Tan Brush

Get yourselves tan everyone, its summertime and the sun is not that good for you.  So fake it till you make it!  NearlyAllThings subscribers get a 25% discount by using promo code “nearlyallthings”. Pretty darn good discount if we don’t say so ourselves 😉

I’ve always had a passion to cultivate a business culture where women help other women create independence, confidence and happiness. 
 Being fulfilled in what we do while making the money necessary and having the flexibility needed to raise our children is difficult. I want to be there as room mom if I choose while still working to remain independent and fulfilled. I want to give other women the opportunity to do that too. Casey Radomsky is a business partner and mom of three- and she’s been integral to our business growth- balancing work and family harmoniously. I hope to grow Tan Frenzy so that we can work and partner with women nationwide supporting the work/life balance that is important to so many of us. – Ali Bunch, CEO Tan Frenzy.

Tan Frenzy is a leading sunless tanning manufacturer with a national distribution of self tanning solutions, retail products and equipment. Their best selling product is a luxury line of instant self-tanning elixirs… custom designed for blonds and brunettes to enhance the individual features of each.