Lipstick that Lasts – Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain


I cannot say enough about these cheap, but awesome Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Balm stains!  I literally have every color.  I have been using these for years and now you know my secret.  They are never drying, last a longtime and you can build up the color.

If you apply then blot, apply then blot, it creates a stain that lasts (see instructional video below).  You will love them! It’s pretty simple to have pretty lips and it doesn’t break the bank.  💋💄

Photo cred: @lucytriesit

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Make-up Meets Technology

Having trouble matching foundation to your skin color?  Then this is a perfect match for you.  Your color changes with each season, so this company does the work for you! So easy to do right on your phone!  Yes, on your phone with their app!  As you can see below, I did it.


I got my custom match and the bottle even came with my name on it!  Check out the picture.  It was a perfect match!




How does this all work?

Our hyper-intelligent technology takes five skin scans, analyzes your skin tone, and then blends a perfectly matched all-in-one foundation just for you. Each bottle is personalized with your name and the date that it was made. – MatchCo.

And now, this company has also partnered with Bare Minerals to make their products that much better (see the email ad I received below).

It’s All About Those Brows

Follow these steps for fuller looking and more defined eyebrows:

Natural eyebrow
Draw a clean line under brow.
Draw a clean line over arch.
Take the brush end of brow pencil and comb upwards to distribute product through brow to ensure a natural looking eyebrow.
Eyebrow picture
Add highlighter under eyebrow to add more definition to brows. Voila!

Here’s the recommended tool and brow pencil in one – L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer:


Beautycounter – Skincare Without All the Chemicals

We’ve all heard it before – the skin is our largest organ.  So, it’s imperative to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun.  But, what about protecting it from the products we use everyday, maybe even multiple times a day?  Have you ever really looked at the ingredients on the label of your favorite face cleanser, moisturizer, or even make-up?

Let’s start with some shocking information.  According to the FDA website, “Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA approval before they go on the market.” – SAY WHAT???

Apparently the onus is on us….OR a conscientious company like Beautycounter.

Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar
Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar

According to Amy McNamara, Senior Manager at Beauty Counter, “Beyond offering high performing and lux products (we have partnered with Goop, J Crew and others), we won’t compromise on the safety of our ingredients. No one should have to choose between safety and beauty. In case you are not aware, the FDA bans just 30 ingredients from personal care and cosmetic products. In the EU, they ban over 1,400 ingredients from use!  As such, we have created a never list that includes over 1,500 ingredients that Beautycounter will intentionally refrain from use in all of our products. This list includes carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, allergy irritants or simply those that haven’t been tested for safety. ”

So naturally, when Amy asked if I’d be willing to sample some of the Beautycounter products, I jumped at the chance.  I currently am using the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator and Rejuvenating Day Cream and couldn’t be happier.  The products smell wonderful and they are making my skin look bright and refreshed.  I will be definitely be trying more products from Beautycounter in the future!

Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Exfoliator

Don’t just take our word for it, read the Goop article,  “The Dirty on Getting Clean”.

And, if you’ve tried Beautycounter products, be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts on the product.  Remember sharing is caring!

Gift for T(w)eens – Wink Wink


Kylie lip gloss and liner

Ever have that feeling like you shouldn’t be shopping for yourself in a store because they mainly market/sell to teens?  Well, here’s a product you can purchase online and no one needs to know it’s for you….I mean, of course its for your t(w)een!

What do we (my tween and I) love about this product?  This product smells great, it goes on matte without drying out your lips, and its easy to take off.  Plus, it gets five stars for awesome packaging, which includes a personal note from Kylie Jenner (see below).  A great gift idea for any teen (wink, wink).



RapidLash for Longer Eyelashes

I am always skeptical of products that claim to lengthen or thicken. But, when my mother-in-law told me about a product that made her eyelashes return to the length of her childhood, I had to try it. Rapidlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum actually lengthened my eyelashes!

Image RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Follow directions for the product and you will start to see broken eyelashes improve after 2 – 3 weeks.  At 4 weeks, you will notice your eyelashes have lengthened.  Sounds like a long time, but the process is super simple.  Afterwards, you will need to continue use to keep your eyelashes looking great.  You do not need to be as consistent at this point, but I have included this in my nightly routine most nights of the week.  This product is worth it!

I should note that I did not notice any thickening of the individual lashes (see post “Mascara that Lengthens and Thickens” to improve appearance of thicker lashes).

As of today, this product is available through Amazon Prime for $31.25 and at Ulta for $49.95.  My bottle lasted 60 days, but I only applied it to my eyelashes.  The product can also be applied to your eyebrows.

Spring Refresh – 5 Sephora Products for All Skin Types


Day look:

  1. Start with a nicely hydrated face and apply under eye cream.  Apply a foundation of your choice.  If you’re super lucky and don’t need it … well then I just don’t like you. 😉  Apply the under eyes with Sephora’s Smoothing & Brightening concealer.
  2. Next up, one of the best products for all the time is the Sephora Beauty Amplifier.  It’s a base for your eyelids, which gives a smooth base for your eyeshadow and liner to go on.  BUT,  it can be used alone without anything on top for a neutral eyelid. This will create a smooth natural eyelid look.
  3. Now, you are ready for the Sephora Hippy Girl Eyeshadow.  This color is great on all eye shades and skin types.  It is fresh and perfect for a spring/summer update.  Apply this just up to the crease of the lid.  This shadow can also be used on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter.  Boom another product that does double duty!
  4. Alright, this next one looks scary with the glitter but its very pretty and not too much- I promise.  Sephora Blush in Hysterical.  This is another double duty product.  Apply on the apples of the cheeks and also use in the crease of the eyelid.  Once you have added both colors to eyelid, blend with your finger.  Now your eyes should look fresh with a pinky peach color up to the crease and the base color is what shows under the brow bone.  Very pretty!
  5. Last step – add the Sephora Lip Gloss in this pretty peachy pink called Earth Angel!

Night look:

Add a winged eyeliner just on top or go for it and add liner around the entire eye.  I prefer a dark brown for this look.  Even add liner to the waterline of the eye with this look!

5 products with lots of uses and not expensive.