A New Way to Drink Prosecco

Chambong - Set of 2

Recently we were introduced to the Chambong, touted as the “rapid way to drink champagne”.  Our experience?  A lot of fun, sure to provide many laughs, and probably not something you should do in front of your children 😉 Oh, and as Ashlee learned, don’t pull your finger off the bottom too quickly or you may get it in your eye 🙂

Here’s what the inventors of Chambong have to say about their product:

Why not push the limits of party science?  We are artists, dancers, drinkers glass blowers, businessmen, scientists and friends with a belief that friendship and community are key to a happy life.  That’s why we weren’t satisfied with the current champagne drinking experience.

We want classy without pretension. Rituals without exclusivity. And most importantly, an experience that feels magical.

We made the perfect champagne drinking device and now, it’s available to you.
Always Chambong responsibly. – www.chambong.co




Cut the Calories with this Refreshing Tequila Drink

Image of tequila drinks

Here’s a clean, great-tasting drink that doesn’t pack on the calories.

What you’ll need:
  • 1-2 shots of tequila (by now you know our preference 😉)
  • Frozen berries-about a quarter cup depending on glass size and preference.
  • Lime seltzer
  • Lime
  • Simple syrup (optional)

Place the mixed frozen berries on the bottom of your glass. Add the tequila, ice, and lime seltzer. Top the glass off with a lime!  Berries can be sweetened or add simple syrup to the drink based on your individual sweetness.

Avoiding sugar altogether? Cut the berries. The lime seltzer adds a nice taste and cuts the strength of the tequila flavor.


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Rosé – An Inexpensive Way

Inspired by Cosmopolitan’s “10 Rosé Wines That Cost Less Than $15 and Don’t Taste Like Sh*t”,   here is our take on numbers 2, 3, and 4 and a new one (to us) that didn’t make Cosmo’s cut:

Apothic Rosé (#2)

Les Dauphins Rosé (#3)

Les Dauphins Rose

Chloe Rosé (#4)

I’ve had these three from the Cosmopolitan list (shown above) and give them each two thumbs up. They have a great berry/fruity flavor without feeling like you drank a bottle of sugar. Perfect for these warm summer evenings.

One extra that we feel is worth mentioning is Mont Gravet (shown in our featured image). At $7.99, you can’t go wrong. This one is light, refreshing, and not too sweet. One of our summer favorites!  Available at Heinen’s and World Market.

Like to try new wines but afraid of being disappointed?  Try this free app from Vivino which lets you scan wine labels to read reviews and see ratings.




Make Fun Cocktails without the Guilt


Looking for a low-calorie cocktail?  This past weekend we tried Be Mixed mixers.   Be Mixed mixers have no sugar and no calories.  Yep, you read that right – zero!  So, if you add a shot of 80 proof vodka, you’re talking a total of 97 calories per drink (or 194 calories if you sneak in another ;).

Be Mixed offers three flavors; Ginger Lime, Cucumber Mint, and Margarita.  We at Nearly All Things especially liked the Margarita flavor mixer with a shot or two of tequila, but the rest of our group was split over the Ginger Lime and Cucumber Mint.  So, our recommendation – try the sample pack and decide on your own 🙂

NearlyAllThings subscribers get $5 off your order when you use the code “WELCOME” with your order. 


Check out this recipe from Be Mixed:

Recipe and photo by Gretchen Otte. Follow her @typeonetypehappy



  • 4 oz. Be Mixed Margarita
  • 4 oz. Rosé
  • 5 Frozen Strawberries
  • Ice
  1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender
  2. Blend until slushly
  3. Garnish with a strawberry.






New Summer Pick-Me-Up

Trader Joe Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Photo by Cooper Young


Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Brew Coffee is my new summer pick-me-up! You’ll find these bottles in the cooler section. I only paid $1.99 for a bottle of this cold brew coffee!

Flavorgenics Organic Coconut Extract


I added some coconut extract and a bit of half and half to give it a yummy flavor without the sugar.


Going out for this tasty drink will cost you much more for a lot less.

Iced coffee not your thing?

Here’s a recipe I found on Pinterest for an Iced Coffee Protein Shake:

  • 2 cups of ice
  • 1 cup cold coffee – we recommend using Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Brew Coffee
  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop protein powder

Go out and try this Cold Brew Coffee!  Let us know what you think.







Cool Hostess Gift and Creamsicle Drink for Your Memorial Day Party

Creamsicle drink

It’s totally pouring rain here so I think we all need a fun drink!

Creamsicle Drink:

  • Full glass of ice
  • 2 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Orange soda of choice or orange seltzer
  • Add a splash of cream or whipped cream.  Whipped cream has hardly any calories so go for it – live a little ;).  It will not disappoint.

What do you get?  Something that tastes like an old school creamsicle!

Creamsicle® Bar
Creamsicle® Bar

Hostess Gift:

If you are like most of my friends we love Prosecco!  This is super cool and delicious for the next time you need a gift.

  • Prosecco of choice- this is mine (see pic)-  I drink lots and lots of this😬
  • A tiny pour of  Pear Rosemary by Root 23 (I found this simple syrup at a local grocer).
  • Serve chilled in a champagne glass.

Give them both in a cute bag with handwritten directions.  Done.  I have a magnum of Prosecco.  It’s fine to give the regular size too.  But, if you are really going for the cool factor – go big!  This is a gift for some of my party hosts this Memorial Day Weekend!  They won’t be mad if they get more than one I promise!

la marca label


Cheers to the Weekend

Friday! Friday! Friday! I will be having a few of these grapefruit beauties over the weekend.  Possibly in between soccer games – yikes!  A momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do 😉

This can be done several ways but here is the most potent way first.

  • 3/4 full champagne glass of prosecco.  (I love La Marca shown below).
  • Splash of fresh squeezed grapefruit (yes, I mean squeeze the frickin’ grapefruit). If you can’t handle that, then buy some fresh stuff from your local grocery store.
  • Squeeze of lime
  • To add spice, toss in a few slices of jalapeño.  Plus, it looks pretty!

Not a fan of prosecco?  Here’s a different option:

Fill a glass of ice, add your favorite vodka, fill the rest of glass with the Spindrift Sparkling Water (personal fav).
Then add your fresh ingredients; lime, grapefruit and jalapeño.
If you like making drinks, salt the rim while your at it!

Now go get the ingredients –  it’s Friday and you deserve to have an awesome cocktail!