4 Makeup Products for a Natural Looking Tween/Teen


  1. Use covergirl bb cream – over entire face (bonus is that it has spf in it too, so your teen protects their skin while wearing a little color).

COVERGIRL Smoothers Lightweight BB Cream Light to MediumCOVERGIRL Smoothers Lightweight BB Cream

2.  Roll concealer in a V-shape under eye and lightly pat.  What you get is a sheer dose of light under the eyes to conceal under eye circles (if they have them). It simply just brightens up the face.

Garnier Sheer Tinted Eye RollerGarnier Sheer Tinted Eye Roller

3.   Use the Wet n Wild blush on the apples of the cheeks and for the eyelids.  Cool right 2 for 1!

Color Icon Blush, Ros Champagne by Wet 'n' WildColor Icon Blush, Ros Champagne by Wet ‘n’ Wild

This blush can be used on cheeks but also on the eyelids for eyeshadow.  Has a small amount of sparkle but just enough to be light reflecting not glittery.  This creates a fresh face look just slightly enhanced.

P.S. I use this most days myself for a natural looking face.

4.  Take a tiny bit of Aquaphor, rub on just the lid,  Then, with an eyeshadow brush use same Wet n Wild blush and go over the top lid.  Add more as needed.  You can also lightly use color on the whole eyelid!

Aquaphor Lip Repair

Aquaphor Lip Repair

5.  Apply Aquaphor to lips for a clear gloss.  Or any gloss you wish!

6.  Apply several coats of your favorite mascara.  I know what our favorite mascara is here at nearlyallthings – We already wrote about it. Check out our earlier post to get those details.


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