Lengthen Your Lashes

Check out my lashes!  These are real and they are all mine!  I’ve been using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and have loved the results!

Want to be sure you don’t miss out on having longer, fuller and darker lashes? This product is much cheaper than the prescription of Latisse and it can be used on brows to get them fuller, darker and thicker too!

Ditch extensions and false eyelashes and click on the link below for details on how to buy.  See for yourself how great your lashes can look!

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Look Younger with this Active Hydration Serum

Sounds like a scam doesn’t it?  When Ashlee told me to try Active-Hydration Serum by Rodan + Fields, I was skeptical.  I was in need of a night cream and an eye cream, so I bought those from Rodan + Fields first.  After using them for a while, I was really happy about my results but Ashlee kept telling me how much she loved the Active-Hydration Serum – I believe she used the term “liquid gold”.  So, I finally tried it.  After one use my skin looked better than it had in a long while.

Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum

I should also add that one of the reasons I was skeptical was that I tend to break out when anything oily touches my face.  After using this product (and others in the skincare line) for a little over a month, my skin is clearer than ever.  With the Active Hydration Serum my skin has a dewy look and feel.  It really hydrates my skin.

Why do I sell Rodan and Fields? well for one because they have products like this one.  This is a game changer, this hydrates better than any other product I have tried.  It makes your skin look as if you have flooded your body with water.  It makes your make-up look amazing and lines on your face are blurred.  The other products also speak for themselves.  I have tried countless products, spent lots of cash and not really noticed a change.  You will notice a change.  I promise and if you don’t you can return your products no problem.  So if you are interested in dewy hydrated skin, start here with this product and see for yourself.  Contact me with questions or orders.  – Ashlee

For more on Active Hydration Serum and other Rodan + Fields products click on the image below.

Click on the image for ordering information.

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