A Healthy Dessert Idea

I’m going to put two words together you probably never thought would go together.  Ready?  Hummus and dessert.  I know, I was skeptical too when Ashlee told me about a new product she found that was awesome.  Delighted By is a dessert hummus that comes in different flavors including Brownie Batter, Snickerdoodle, Vanilla Bean and Choco-Mint.

Brownie Batter with pretzels was a hit with Ashlee’s family – “Not super sweet but enough to feel like I had a treat and enough that my kids didn’t push it away!  Also, great on graham crackers or with fruit.  Planning to try all the other flavors!”  Ashlee’s husband was also a fan.

Delighted By dessert hummus is available in select stores.  Their website has a store locator where you can find a retailer close to you.  If you are from Northeastern Ohio, you’ll find it at select Market District and most Walmart stores.  I purchased Brownie Batter and Snickerdoodle last night from Market District.  If you are a fan of Snickerdoodle cookies like me, you should be pleasantly surprised!  I preferred it with graham crackers.  This will be a great snack or low-cal dessert – whatever suits your mood.

The Brownie Batter was good, but I was expecting a much stronger chocolate taste based on the deep, rich color.  I went back and read Ashlee’s description and found it to be on par – “not too sweet, but enough to feel like you had a treat”.  I tried belVita Toasted Coconut breakfast biscuits with the Brownie Batter hummus and I thought that was a great combo!

belVita Toasted Coconut Breakfast Biscuits

So, try it – let us know what you think.  Let us know what you combine it with.  The Delighted By website has some great pictures and recipe ideas like this “Graham-tastic Dessert” show below:

Graham-tastic dessert hummus


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